Smoked Chicken Samosa With Mango Chutney Recipe

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Smoked chicken samosa with mango chutney Smoked chicken samosa with mango chutney recipe
Smoked chicken samosa with mango chutney

A modern samosa flavor of smoked chicken, onion and cheese. Tangy and spicy mango chutney on the side. We used Colman’s mustard to boost the chutney.



Chicken breast smoked and shredded 600 g
Knorr Mashed Potato (1x2kg) 80 g
Hot Water 240 ml
Garam Masala Powder 4 g
Mustard Seeds 2 g
Onion red, diced 50 g
Mozzarella cheese grated 40 g
Coriander leaves chopped 8 g
Salt 6 g
Knorr Corn Oil (4x5L) 20 ml
Samosa papers 30 pc
ice water 15 ml
All Purpose Flour 15 g


Onions, chopped 30 g
Garlic Clove minced 3 g
Ginger, paste 3 g
Chilli red, whole 2 pc
Colman’s English Mustard (2×2.25L) 5 g
Mango 500 g
Sugar 200 g
White Vinegar 100 ml
Coriander Leaves 10 g



Make the mash potato buy heating the water to boiling point, remove from heat and whisk in the Knorr Mash Potato, rest for 5 min then bring together with a whisk, cover with cling film and cool.
Fry off the onions in the oil on medium heat then add the mustard seeds and garam masala and toast for 2 min the cool.

Mix the spiced onion, mash chicken, cheese, coriander and salt together and keep cool.
Make a paste with flour and water.

Use the pastry to fold the samosas and use the flour paste to bind the pastries, reserve till ready to fry.


Sweat off the onions with a very small amount of oil.

Add the garlic, ginger and chili and cook till soft.

Add the vinegar and stir in the Colman’s English mustard powder and add the sugar. Bring to a simmer for 5 minutes

Add the mango and cook on low heat for 2minute, remove from heat and cool then stir in the coriander leaves.

To serve

Fry the samosas at 170◦c till golden brown, plate on a bowl and serve the chutney on the side

Source: Unilever Food Solutions

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