Kebeh Bel Laban Recipe

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 combine all ingredients of the meat balls Kebeh bel laban recipe
Kebeh bel laban

Yield: 10 servings


Kebbeh Meat Balls

400.00 g Veal Meat,Minced
400.00 g Burghul
20.00 g Knorr Beef Bouillon Powder
3.00 g Cinnamon
3.00 g Ground black pepper
100.00 g Grated onions


50.00 ml Olive Oil
100.00 g Pine seeds
400.00 g Onions, chopped
20.00 g Knorr Beef Bouillon Powder
400.00 g Beef, minced

Laban Mix

1.50 kg Yoghurt
2.00 pc Egg white
20.00 g Knorr Beef Bouillon Powder
50.00 g Knorr Lime Seasoning (Mixed with 30 ml water)
15.00 g Garlic, minced
20.00 g Coriander leaves chopped
40.00 g Corn flour


In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients of the meat balls, place the mix into the meat mincer and mince the dough twice.

In a sauce frying pan put the oil, onion, and stir until soft, add the minced beef,
Knorr Beef Bouillon Powder to cook well done, add the pine nuts.

Form kibbeh into balls, 30g each. Keep it open at one end, stuff it with the meat mixture and close it, fry in a deep fryer 180◦C for 3 minutes and keep ready to use.

Add the yoghurt into a sauce pan while adding all other ingredients.

Bring to boil and thicken the yoghurt.

Put the kebbeh balls in the yoghurt and boil for 2 minutes.

Serve in a deep bowl sauté the garlic and Coriander and put on the top with pine nuts.

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