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Ingredients (serves 10)

1L each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream
2 x 30g bars Flake, crushed
2 x 45g packets Maltesers, crushed
2 x 50g bars Violet Crumble, crushed
75g white marshmallows, chopped
Hundreds & thousands, to decorate


Place chocolate ice-cream and Flake in a large bowl and set aside to soften. Once soft, beat with a wooden spoon until the Flake is well combined. Spoon into a 23cm round spring-form pan and smooth with a spatula. Cover with foil and freeze until firm.

Clean the bowl. When chocolate ice-cream layer is firm, place vanilla ice-cream and Maltesers in the bowl. Set aside to soften, then beat until combined.

Remove pan from freezer, sprinkle with Violet Crumble, then spoon vanilla ice-cream over top and smooth. Freeze until firm.

Repeat with strawberry ice-cream and marshmallows.

When ready to serve, carefully remove collar and decorate with hundreds and thousands.

delicious. – September 2002, Page 87
Recipe by Chrissy Freer

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